Jenny & Grant | Couples Session

Dallas Arboretum

engagement dallas arboretum botanical garden couple portrait

Jenny and Grant are that amazing couple that we all wish we could be. They are constantly traveling and going on insane adventures and to top it off – they are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We met at the Dallas Arboretum for a couples session in the springtime and it was already so hot but this couple looked flawless the whole time! The way Jenny and Grant look at each other, you can see why they were literally made for each other.

Even though we got there pretty early, the Arboretum was pretty crowded and we had to do a lot of timing to make sure no one was in the background, or at least make sure they weren’t noticeable if there were people. The poetry garden was really fun and beautiful because it’s the perfect little nook to step into with relatively little traffic. If there were people, the walls of the garden provided a clean backdrop but everyone was also really nice and didn’t mind pausing for a second so we could get the shot before they passed.

engagement dallas arborteum interracial couples session posing stairs


dallas arboretum laughing engagement