Evelia & Elieser | Couple Session

Brazos Bend State Park

I love doing sessions at Texas state parks but so far Brazos Bend is my absolute favorite! My husband actually proposed to me at this park earlier in the year so of course I’ve been dying to go back. When Evelia told me she wanted greenry, trees, and yellow fields, I knew this would be the perfect location for their couple session.

Brazos Bend has the most incredible old oak trees with massive twisting branches covered in gorgeous spanish moss. Some of the trees even lend themselves to being climbed and sat on because their branches are so strong and hang low.

This couple is incredible, y’all. Do you see those heels? In the tree? Evelia was a power house and was so open to all of my posing ideas. And Elieser was so sweet and gentle helping her step up and later hoisting her onto a high branch. Ultimate power couple right here <3

Their handsome dog Benito tagged along for some shots and was such a good boy! He was so patient with my posing and listened to direction really well.

The energy between these two is everything. Brazos also has incredible golden fields so we stepped a little ways out into the tall grass. I set up their basic pose with her hands on his waist and his hand on her face and stepped away. Y’all – this is all organic, pure love! Queue romantic kiss straight out of a movie!

Before we wrapped up, I found a new (slightly hidden spot) and asked if they were willing to try it out. The light was leaving us really quickly in this darker corner but we made it with just a few minutes to spare. I’m already thinking about the next time I can go back to do more portraits here!