Our Family Portraits

Cypress, TX

I had been wanting some updated photos of Jacky and by coincidence, his brother Naren was in town for the holidays. We went to the nearby community called Bridgeland and used the nearby lake to take some clean portraits. We were about to get ready for their cousin’s annual Christmas party but I insisted we take a few minutes to take portraits of us. Of course, these two goofed off the entire time and the only good photos we got were the ones where I asked them to do cheesy poses. At a couple points, I handed my camera to Naren and showed him exactly how I wanted the photos of Jacky and myself to look. He did a pretty decent job if I do say so, myself!

The Bridgeland community has a lot of really beautiful locations for hiking and being next to the water. If you follow North Bridgeland Lake Parkway from Fry Road up toward the school, there are a few bridges that take you across Cypress Lake to several walking paths and that’s where we decided to stop for our portraits. The lighting was perfect because we waited until just before sunset and the nearby houses were so far away that they are hardly noticeable in any of the photos with the shallow depth of field I used.