The Gephart’s | Family Portraits

Wortham Grove Park in Cypress, TX

I personally (yes, that’s redundant but I wanted to emphasize the point so bear with me…), am not a morning person…I have the hardest time waking up early and I usually prefer evening sessions when possible. But let me tell you, this session changed all of that! Look how GORGEOUS this lighting is! We started out at seven in the morning for a family session in the small park sandwiched between Wortham Grove and Wortham Park in Cypress. It was craaaaaaazy humid but the temperature was still reasonable and the grass still covered in dew. The early morning light with the haze of the morning dew evaporating was seriously magical! There are powerlines, houses, fences, and other people in the far background of these photographs but the hazy sunrise cleaned the background up beautifully.

The Gephart family had never done a family photoshoot before so this whole experience was completely foreign to them, but they look like proper magazine models. Seriously, I cannot get over how cute little Porter and Emmy are with their perfect blonde locks and bright blue eyes! Oh and it helps to have a playground nearby so you can encourage the kids through the session with the end goal of getting to play – plus that gives mom and dad a couple minutes to get pictures of themselves too!

Stay golden 🌞