Katie & John | Wedding & Hot Air Balloon Exit

Syracuse, NY

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Last March, Katie and John eloped to get married. They were looking to buy a house and wanted to have a private ceremony to officially recognize their marriage when they made the purchase. Now, the secret is out, but they still want to exchange vows and rings in front of their families and friends. Oh and they had the craziest hot air balloon exit to really make it amazing…

Katie’s mother loves her new son-in-law and surprised him with the most incredible gift – a hot air balloon exit! John had no idea this was happening, but the crew of Airborne Adventures snuck into the open area near the docks of the venue to set up. While the couple excitedly thanked Katie’s mom, I introduced myself to the pilot and crew team to coordinate the photographs. I even went so far as to ask whether the bride and groom could take a walk through the inside of the balloon before it was stood up – AND THEY SAID YES!! Y’all. The three of us got in there and I told Katie and John to just enjoy the moment. I photographed them as they explored in awe and spun in circles – one of the most beautiful and sweet moments I’ve ever had with one of my couples.