Katie & John | Elopement

Skaneateles, NY

Katie has been my best friend since high school and we had promised that we would be each other’s Maid of Honor at our weddings. When Katie and John decided to get married, Katie asked me to be the Maid of Honor but also the official witness and photographer for their elopement. These two really don’t waste time because John proposed to Katie and they were married ten minutes later.

For legal and financial reasons before buying their first home together, Katie and John chose to secretly elope and asked me to photograph their marriage. John’s best friend, Martin, became an ordained minister so that he could officiate the ceremony in addition to acting as the Best Man. We all got ready at Katie and John’s place, Katie opting for a blue dress and white lace sweater.

After we were all ready, we headed to the Sherwood Inn in Skaneatles where a private room without windows was set up for the private ceremony. John legitimately proposed to Katie, down on one knee and all. Even though Katie knew this was coming, she still got emotional and couldn’t control her smile. The waitstaff congratulated her as we ordered our lunch, believing this was just a proposal.

After our meal, we cleared the table to the side and set up in front of the fireplace. One of the waitresses accidentally walked in and I think we scared her with how suddenly this was happening. Martin gave a beautiful speech as he opened the ceremony, describing what their lives together would be. Katie started reading the vows she had written for John and John was so overwhelmed and emotional in the moment that he forgot all of his! He kept insisting that he had them memorized and that he didn’t want to write them in case Katie snuck a peak.

After a beautiful and private display of love, we signed the marriage certificate, drank champagne, and headed out to the pier in town for portraits of them. It was bitter cold being out on the lake considering it was early March in Upstate NY. We had a hard time standing still long enough to get proper portraits but Katie was a trooper in her stockings. After a few minutes, we rushed back to the car with frozen hands and cheeks to return home with the happy couple. This was going to be a secret for a little while now, but the happy couple was buzzing with excitement and had to tell someone! They told their next door neighbor just to get it out to someone and then called their parents to announce that John had proposed.

Update to Katie and John’s Wedding with Family