Planners (free download)

Hey guys!! New Year’s is coming up and I like to get an early start on my planning so I can hit the ground running in January. I was super into planners back when I was in school and seriously could not have made it through without them. 

But now I’m working fulltime,  I’ve got my photography business, and a personal life (ha! I know right? I finally got one!). I’ve looked at a ton of planners and just haven’t found one that suits my needs. Everything is usually focused on a single job or the more useful ones include lots of fluff stuff that never gets used like “water consumption” or “motivational quotes”. I’m personally not a fan of that stuff. Sure it’s fun and I appreciate the design, but I’ve got so much going on that I can’t handle any unnecessary clutter.

So I went ahead and designed one specifically for my needs. This one starts with a monthly overview to help define goals for career, business, personal life, and then a section to show some fun stuff. Using the monthly planner, I can break down those goals into smaller action items that are feasible in a single week. Then the daily agenda does the same thing of breaking down the weekly goals into daily action items that you can schedule and include reminders on.

At the end of every sheet is a productivity score rating that can be used to evaluate how well you were able to accomplish your goals and efficiency. On the daily sheet there’s also an improvement box for notes about what you missed or would like to try improving on for the next day. This should be done at the end of every day when you’re ready to mentally check out, whether that’s at bedtime or you just feel done for that day.

Rinse and repeat every day, week, and month until you conquer the world! Download the PDF below and use it all you want 🙂

Link to Download