Tori & Brandon | Maternity Session

Terry Hershey Park

Brandon and Tori are having their first baby! Baby Bridget is expected at the beginning of October and she is already so loved by her parents and their family and friends. Isn’t Tori such a beautiful mother?? She seriously makes pregnancy look so beautiful and effortless.

Their dog Tenley also came to model during the session. She was seriously the best behaved dog I’ve ever had on a photoshoot. She was even better than our own dogs when we take portraits of them! She sat calmly – never straying from us, and posed so nicely when I asked her to sit in the pictures. We can already tell she is going to be such an awesome big sister to the new baby!

I found this amazing location just near Terry Hershey Park in Houston when I was driving around location scouting after a portrait session one morning. I took the turn off onto the side road so that I could start heading home but something told me to go just a little bit further. Seriously, this tree is pure magic! Can you believe that there is a massive highway in the background of these portraits? I literally sent a dropped pin in google maps to Tori and Brandon and asked them to meet me on the side of the road. I almost wish it were a little more accessible for clients to park in a lot but this was so untouched and perfect that it makes me happy that it’s untouched and hidden away.

Also look at this gorgeous skirt! I actually own this massive tulle skirt and offered to let Tori wear it for the session. Since this session I’ve also gotten a similar skirt in blush pink so my clients can use both blue and pink depending on their style or the gender of their baby. If you’re hoping to use one of these beauts don’t worry about the size because I have a couple tactics for fixing the fit for models. Check out my Instagram for more details on these beautiful pieces!

Stay golden 🌞